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Film world will witness Magic in the next 10 years as 4 sequels will be added to ‘Avatar’

James Cameron’s Avatar is a 2009 blockbuster movie, but the value of the movie doesn’t shrink to just a blockbuster. Avatar is a vital part of cinematic history.

In 2009, Cameron was able to deliver one of the best visual experience to the audience. Event with the limited technical support at that time he was able to make a masterclass movie.

As time progressed the technological advancements had also improved a lot and this gives the up coming Avatar sequels much more hope.

Avatar 2 was about to reach the audience on December 2020, but due to the pandemic there is talks regarding the postponed dates. While they initially conformed to postponed the release to December 2021, the Disney studio wants to push the dates even further to 2022.

There have been discussions regarding Avatar 2 right after the grand success of Avatar in 2009, so the announcement of Avatar 2 was expected. But the audience became surprised after the jaw dropping announcement that is the grand total of four Avatar sequels has been announced.

Right from Avatar-2 to Avatar-5 all of the movies are in various production stages. In a total the Avatar franchise will have a total of 5 films.

Cameron must be living in his dream and making it a reality with all the technologies that is available to him. According to the director the 2009 Avatar movie is just a small piece of a large iceberg.

Avatar 2 might knock the theater door by the end of 2021 or 2022. The crew had also announced the release dates of the other Avatar movies as well.

December 20, 2024 will be the release date of Avatar 3, Avatar 4 will be released in 2026, December 20 and the fifth sequel that is Avatar 5 will be released in 2028 December 22.

If everything goes well and in accordance with time, by 2028 the world will witness all the five sequels of Avatar. From 2009 to 2028 will be an Avatar era, which could be used as a textbook for the upcoming director, filmmakers, techies and all others who are related to this form of art.

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