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Foreign Affairs Minister Micheál Martin Advocates Compassionate Approach to Immigrants

Dublin: The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin, asserted that Brexit has not led to a reduction in immigration, contradicting the initial campaign narrative. In a press conference held at the Government Building, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the post-Brexit era has witnessed an increase in immigration to the UK, highlighting the failure of the promised reduction.

Addressing the media’s queries, the former Prime Minister underscored the importance of drawing a valuable lesson from the Brexit experience regarding immigration. Martin advocated for a more compassionate approach towards migrants, citing the absence of any reported increase in crime in areas housing migrant centres that have been operational for decades.

In terms of policy, Martin called for the formulation of laws aimed at alleviating the fears of migrants within the country. He emphasised the need to review existing frameworks to determine potential enhancements. The Minister of External Affairs acknowledged the government’s responsibility to address the concerns of immigrants and stressed the importance of Ireland’s historically positive stance on immigration.

“Ireland boasts a rich and positive history of immigration,” Martin affirmed, urging attention to the diversity present in schools. He concluded by emphasising the government’s obligation to uphold and improve the current framework for immigration, ensuring a more inclusive and compassionate approach.

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