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Galway: Doctor being threatened with a circular saw by his landlord

In a terrifying video, a landlord goes after a renter with an electric circular saw over overdue rent.

Surgical doctor Muhammed Raheel, who recorded the video, claimed “anything might have happened” if his wife hadn’t intervened in time.

The event occurred in Galway, Ireland, and saw a doctor from Pakistan being threatened with a circular saw by his landlord.

The landlord was captured on video sawing open the front door of the rented flat and telling Dr. Raheel, ‘I’m going to tear the door down’.

“I went to the guards, and they told me to ask you about the money, and if you refuse, they will come.”

Dr. Raheel pleaded with him to stop, telling him, “Stay back; I’m going to call the cops.”

“You cannot do this, please,” he clarified.

Despite his efforts to lock the door, the landlord continued to look for him.

“Are you f**king insane?” exclaims the tenant after nearly catching his fingers on the blade.

“I’m insane,” said the landlord.

Dr. Raheel stated following the event, “I have been up all night with my wife and our daughters, awake with worry that he would return with another weapon.”

His rent payments had been bouncing back, he told The Journal.

“I tried every month and saved the money so I’d have it when he called,” he explained.

“I hadn’t heard anything from him in months.” Then, on March 28th, my wife contacted me from home and said I needed to come immediately away because someone was drilling outside and breaking into our house while she was with our children.

“I was in the operating room and had to apologise and leave.” When I arrived home, there was a locksmith at the door, claiming that he had been informed no one lived there and that the locks needed to be replaced.

“The landlord arrived at the house shortly after and was yelling ‘where is my rent?’.

“I told him I had tried to send it and had proof, but payments would not go through.”

“He explained how to move bank accounts to me. He then continued to insult me. The Garda officers who arrived that day were wonderful; they spoke to us separately and de-escalated the situation.”

However, the doctor stated that when he went to the police station, he received “little response.”

“I felt like my family and I were given no protection, and we were very concerned that he would return,” he added.

According to a Garda spokeswoman, they are “aware of a video in circulation online and can confirm that personal contact has been made with a private citizen.”

“Enquiries are still ongoing at this time,” they said. “Anyone who believes they have been mistreated by any member of An Garda Sochána has the right to lodge a complaint with the Garda Sochána Ombudsman Commission.”


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