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Government Announces Expansion of Paid Sick Leave Entitlements Starting “January 1, 2024”

Dublin: In an official proclamation, the Irish government has disclosed that, effective January 1, 2024, the entitlement to paid sick leave for all employee categories in Ireland will be extended from three to five days. This marks the second phase of a comprehensive four-year plan aimed at incrementally elevating paid sick leave to ten days by the year 2026.

The initiative is designed to guarantee that every employee receives essential financial compensation in the event of an incapacity to work due to illness or injury. Commencing next year, workers will be eligible for up to five days of sick leave annually, remunerated at 70% of their gross earnings, with a cap of 110 euros for each of these days.

The adjustment primarily targets individuals in low-wage and high-risk occupations who lack access to the Company Sick Leave Scheme. This inclusive benefit encompasses workers across various sectors, including those employed in retail, restaurants, and other industries.

Neale Richmond, the Minister for Labour, emphasised that this phased escalation in paid sick leave not only simplifies matters for employers but also reinforces the confidence of workers in their entitlements.

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