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Government Deploys Gardaí Amid Escalating Protests Against Illegal Immigration in Dublin

Dublin: Amid escalating protests against illegal immigration in Ireland, the government has bolstered Garda training efforts in Dublin, with over 300 Gardaí deployed to maintain law and order. In response to recent demonstrations, Gardaí apprehended 11 protesters.

A march organised in Dublin drew approximately 2,000 participants, including women and children, rallying against what they perceive as a mass influx of immigrants into Ireland. Tensions flared as conflicting groups clashed during the protest.

Chief Superintendent Patrick McMenamin acknowledged the challenging conditions Gardaí faced while managing the situation.

Addressing the protest, Irish Freedom Party President Herman Kelly called for reclaiming political power from what he termed the anti-Irish globalist establishment, asserting that local communities were being marginalised.
Kelly voiced concerns over the increasing influx of religious migrants across Europe, cautioning against jeopardising Irish culture by accepting refugees from countries associated with religious-based criminality. He advocated for individual freedom and national sovereignty.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Justice Minister Helen McEntee, and Sinn Féin leaders bore the brunt of severe criticism from speakers, who questioned their support for illegal immigrants. Allegations of police aggression against peaceful protesters were raised, with warnings of exacerbating Ireland’s refugee crisis.

The discourse also highlighted economic migrants, invited by the Irish government through work permits, as posing a greater threat than religious-based illegal immigrants.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin’s defense of illegal immigrants, citing the contributions of immigrant workers, drew scrutiny for potentially misleading narratives that could be exploited by religious-based immigrants.

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