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Green hydrogen: Fuel of next generation Indo-Irish collaboration to develop green hydrogen projects in India

Irish company joins hands with India to develop green hydrogen projects in India. Fusion Fuel Green, an Ireland-based green hydrogen company, has signed a contract with BGR Energy Systems, an Indian EPC contractor.

The two companies have agreed to set up a small demonstrator plant in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The cost-effective green hydrogen production facility offered by Fusion Fuel Green for BGR Energy in Cuddalore district will be installed in the second half of this year.

The HEVO-SOLAR technology will be used to produce cost-competitive green hydrogen.

Following the success of the small-scale plant, both companies plan to jointly develop large-scale projects to supply hydrogen for green ammonia and bioethanol production.

Subsequently, both companies intend to jointly build projects across India in the future. Ireland’s Fusion Fuel Green said it will explore a wide range of areas, including BGR Energy’s strong competencies in the energy, environmental and industrial sectors.

Green hydrogen

Fuel is becoming the biggest challenge in India and several other countries around the world. When crude oil producing countries are economically advanced, they import into countries like India and thereby use a large portion of our revenue for imports. In this case, there is a need to move forward with other fuels.

In view of this, Green Hydrogen is being developed as part of a plan to find an environmentally friendly way to produce fuel. The hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources is called green hydrogen. Hydrogen, which is environmentally friendly, makes vehicles powerful.

The Solar Energy Corporation of India has called for a tender for the construction of a hydrogen plant. It is planned to produce hydrogen with the help of wind and solar energy.

Using hydrogen as a fuel can also reduce air pollution. Its remarkable advantage is that hydrogen is a more powerful fuel than petrol.

As the cost of producing hydrogen fuel is lower, the price of fuel will decrease and, as a result, the price of consumer goods will be prevented to some extent.

Hydrogen production has already begun in developed countries such as Australia, Japan, Germany, the United States and South Korea.

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