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“Guide to Voting in Local Elections as Ireland Makes Final Preparations for June 7”

Dublin: As Ireland’s elections approach tomorrow, Friday, June 7, voters need to be well-prepared to ensure a smooth voting process.

Key Steps for Voters

1. Verify Eligibility:
Ensure your name is on the electoral roll and that your address is updated. Visit the [Voter Eligibility page](https://www.checktheregister.ie/en-IE/search) and enter your local authority to check your registration status.

2. Identification:
You should have received a ‘Polling Information Card’ at your home address, detailing your local polling station.
On polling day, carry identification documents to the polling station.

Voting Process

1. Receiving the ballot paper:
Upon arrival at the polling station, present your identification. The presiding officer will stamp your ballot paper if your vote is verified. Ensure your ballot paper is stamped; unstamped papers are invalid.
Proceed to the private voting compartment.

2. Understanding the ballot paper:
Ireland uses the proportional representation-single transferable vote (PR-STV) system for local, European, and mayoral elections (not referendums). This system allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference.
The ballot paper will list candidates alphabetically, along with party symbols and candidate photos. Independent candidates will be labelled as non-party.

3. “Casting Your Vote”:
A box will appear to the right of each candidate’s name. Rank your preferred candidates by writing 1, 2, 3, etc., next to their names. You can rank as many candidates as you wish, but each preference number should only be used once.
If voting for only one candidate, write 1 next to their name, then return and deposit your ballot in the designated box.
Avoid marking anything in the columns of candidates you do not wish to vote for.

4. Submitting Your Ballot:
Do not make any extraneous marks on the ballot paper to avoid invalidation.
For visually impaired voters, a ballot paper template will be available at all polling stations.
After marking your preferences, fold the ballot paper and place it in the ballot box.

Post-Voting Procedures

Counting: The counting of local election votes will begin on Saturday. The returning officer oversees the election process to ensure its integrity.

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