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HSE prepares to hire large numbers of nurses and midwives to Ireland

DUBLIN: The HSE is preparing to launch a massive recruitment campaign to bring in a large number of nurses and midwives. Health workers are being brought in from foreign countries, including India, in the context of the shortage of trained health workers affecting the entire system. It is also reported that HSE is looking for an executive firm to assist them in this matter.

There are not enough health workers in the country, despite allegations of an over-reliance on health workers from abroad. HSE’s recruitment move is to openly admit this. HSE’s stand is that recruitment should be done within and outside the European Union.

The majority of those registering in the country are from outside the EU, according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board (NMBI). Last year, the NMBI registered 2,364 nursing and midwifery students from India, while only 1,555 did so from Ireland.

It is pointed out that the main problem is not training enough nurses and midwives to meet the needs of the country. The problem can be solved if more people are trained at the country’s universities and colleges, but the government is making no effort.

Along with nurses, the HSE is making efforts to recruit doctors. Stephen Donnelly, Minister of Health, has formed a working group to address this issue. Cabinet also approved a new contract for consultants last week. Consultants working 37 hours per week will earn between €2,09,915 and €2,52,150 per week. The agreement was realised after two years of negotiations with INMO and IHCA.

Meanwhile, INMO Deputy Secretary General Edward Matthews said he was not surprised by the HSE’s overseas recruitment. He said Ireland faces incredible challenges in recruiting health workers.

The situation here is forcing nurses trained in Ireland to go abroad. The organisation also accused the HSE of attempting to recruit employees from Africa and non-EU countries.

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