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Huge sum donated by an unknown to PhD students at Trinity College Dublin

A mystery donor offered €260,000 to support a laboratory wok that had been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic at Trinity College Dublin. The college itself announced the good news via their twitter account.

The immense amount that the anonymous donated was to support the PhD students whose laboratory work was negatively impacted due to the pandemic. Though there is no evidence, it is said that the donor is a former university student.

As the college was closed for months due to the covid-19 constraints, the news was received with pleasure by the college staff and authorities.

Eighty-seven PhD students are expected to benefit for a monthly grant funded by the donation. For up to four months, they will all be able to get the funding.

Students are required to follow the Health Sector laws and regulations. They must maintain a distance of two meters and must wear face coverings. Only the practical classes are encouraged to take place in college; theory classes can be moved to online.

The drop-off of international students would significantly impact the Irish colleges’ financial requirements.

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