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Inflation of consumer goods… Ireland to reach first place…

Dublin: Ireland has surpassed the rest of Europe in terms of daily consumption goods price increases, including groceries. Until recently, Ireland had the lowest level in the EU in this regard.

However, food prices in Ireland are currently increasing. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says that the increase is making people’s lives difficult.

The Retail Forum’s meeting also released an analysis of the retail grocery market. Enterprise, Trade, and Employment Minister Simon Coveney had requested the commission conduct an analysis on price levels. Based on this report, the government has also sought an explanation from the Retail Forum on the price hike.

According to the commission, the rise in food prices is due to the international situation. However, the analysis of the commission says that the healthy competition in this field is beneficial to consumers in many ways.

Even if there is a price increase or decrease, it takes a long time to reach people. The CCPC, on the other hand, claims that there is no evidence of overcharging in the grocery sector.

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