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Institute of Education in Dublin came up with 2.5 million virtual school

The Institute of Education, a private secondary school in Dublin City Center, has set up a 2.5 million euro’s virtual school to facilitate student learning during the Covid era.

The virtual school is designed for four, five and six year old students.

With this, the Institute of Education holds the name of being the largest secondary school in Europe to offer e-learning.

As part of the virtual school, students will receive their entire classes online. In addition to live classes, recorded classes are also made available to students.

The video and sound recording arrangements for the online classes are arranged in 39 classrooms.

Last summer, a 20-kilometer network and fiber optic cables were installed within the institute’s Leeson Street campus.

Approximately 900 hours of classes are streamed and recorded for students each week. Institute officials say the response has been overwhelming in the first few weeks of virtual classes.

In the first three weeks, 25,000 people watched and downloaded the classes. The total length of classes was 2,700 hours.

Yvonne O’Tootle, Principal of the institution said experimenting with diversity in the field of learning was part of the Institute’s excellence and that the Virtual School project was part of the protection of education.

Students also have the opportunity to rewind classes to see important parts again, and class notes are also available online.

Assessments can also be submitted online and the platform provides an opportunity for students to ask questions to teachers, he said.

The institute also offers additional virtual tutorials to give students more clarity on the topics.

The principal said that all the support needed by the students was provided through the virtual school system.

The institute has also organized a virtual program on October 22 to explain the details of the project and its e-learning structure to the students and families who want to be a part of the institute.

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