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“Ireland Faces Looming Energy Crisis, Experts Warn”

Dublin: As part of the EU’s climate action plan, member states, including Ireland, face the imperative to curtail energy consumption to meet specified targets. Failure to comply could prompt legal action from the EU against Ireland, highlighting the seriousness of the mandate.

Under the EU directive on energy efficiency ratified in June of the previous year, a stringent reduction of 11.7% in final energy consumption (FEC) is mandated at the EU level by 2030. Each member state, including Ireland, is assigned specific reduction targets in FEC, and timely reporting to the European Commission is essential for monitoring progress. Any deviations from the prescribed targets could lead to significant challenges and potentially trigger an energy crisis within the country.

Embracing the figures proposed by the EU is seen as the most viable option to mitigate this crisis. For Ireland, a proposed FEC of 10.45 million tons of oil is recommended, compared to 11,963 million tons in 2022. Achieving this reduction presents a substantial challenge, requiring a 12.6% cut in energy consumption.

To address this, Ireland must formulate and implement a comprehensive National Energy and Climate Plan by June of this year, encompassing policies, methodologies, and actionable plans to attain the specified targets.

While acknowledging the formidable nature of the task ahead, a government spokesperson underscores the “extremely challenging” nature of meeting Ireland’s target. However, Energy Minister Eamon Ryan sees a silver lining, asserting that reducing energy consumption will yield financial benefits for households and businesses. Furthermore, he highlights the potential for job creation through retrofitting projects and the enhancement of air quality, aligning with broader environmental and economic objectives.

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