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Ireland opens a wide range of education-job opportunities for Indian and international students; those interested can now apply for 2021 courses

DUBLIN: Admission procedures have been started for foreign students, including those from India, who intend to pursue higher studies in Ireland for courses starting in September 2021. Various universities and colleges have issued prospectuses and invited applications.

The enrollment of international students in Ireland was also relatively low following the COVID-19 crisis in courses started in September 2020. Therefore, it is likely that the admission process will be completed earlier in the new academic year, which starts in September 2021.

The government also guarantees that there are more job opportunities for students in Ireland, as the graduation programme has already been turned into part of an immigration programme that aims to retain students with high standards from outside Europe here after completing their studies.

Foreign students have the opportunity to study courses in Ireland in the following categories:

Level 7: Ordinary Bachelor’s Degree

Level 8: Honors Bachelor Degree and Higher Diploma Courses

Level 9: Post Graduation Courses and Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Level 10: PhD and Higher Doctorate courses

The benefit announced as part of the new immigration scheme will be available to students of Level 8 and above.

The government scheme includes a two-year residence permit and the right to work full-time for foreign students who can successfully complete their studies at the Level-9 (Post Graduate).

The law allows Indian students to work full-time in Ireland for one more year, even if they are studying in Ireland up to level 8. This is in addition to the opportunity to work part time during the study period.

Immigration law has also been simplified to enable those who qualify to work permanently in companies and institutions in Ireland.

In this way, those who find the opportunity to stay in Ireland after one or two years of study will be able to live in Ireland and become part of the economy and society by obtaining a Critical Work Permit or an Ordinary Work Permit issued by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

Students who come to study will have the opportunity to be part of the Irish workforce and development and to find a good career.

For the social and economic advancement of Ireland, simple and progressive changes were made in immigration law. Through this, higher education institutions have created a great opportunity for talented international students to stay and study here.

Ireland as a gateway to job opportunities in Europe

Ireland has a number of excellent educational institutions that provide many opportunities for students to work while they study and to make their dreams come true. Along with study, apprenticeship opportunities in international standard institutions are also a way for those who prove their ability to secure jobs later. The best opportunities to get a job in Europe await those studying in Ireland.

Jobs and apprenticeships are available for those who have completed their studies in construction, electrical, environmental engineering, finance, hospitality, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, data analyst, aviation engineer and software developer.

In addition, insurance, logistics, auxiliary engineering, international financial engineering and international financial services are also potential categories for apprenticeship and employment.

Many universities and colleges have offered study opportunities along with scholarships. Those interested can contact anabroad Ireland, an educational consulting firm based in Dublin, to access admission procedures and services for universities and colleges in Ireland in September 2021.

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