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Is Ireland on track to reach its target of 1 million electric vehicles by 2030?

DUBLIN: Ireland has set a target of one million electric vehicles by 2030, but automakers are skeptical that the Government will take the necessary steps to achieve this. Volvo, Renault and Audi are all fully committed towards this declared target. However, they are concerned about whether our roads and government system are geared towards this goal.

The manufacturers said that they expect the government to lay out a clear plan and communicate effectively in this regard, or else Ireland’s self – declared goal of 1 million will not be achieved.

Volvo says it is currently aiming for 50% of new cars sold to be fully electric, with the goal of reaching 100% by 2030.

David Thomas, managing director of Volvo Car Ireland, said: “The new car market in 2021 is forecast to be just under 100,000 and 125,000 in 2022. Numbers aside, the Government needs to continue to support growth of the market and incentivise plug-in hybrid EVs, which are widely available and growing more popular, and EVs to drive electrification transition to newer cars in use.”

Deirdre Schwer, marketing communications manager for Audi Ireland, said over 2,800 electric cars registered so far in 2021 alone. “The Government need to encourage new car replacement to green the national car fleet. The new car market must grow substantially from the level it is in 2021 – we need a healthy car market of at least 200,000 new cars per year,” says Schwer.

She reminded that this goal can be achieved only if the Government provides infrastructure and other assistance. “The fast-charging network on our motorway network needs to be expanded, and charging solutions for those with on-street parking and in public parking locations need to be developed if we are to achieve greater e-mobility adoption,” says Schwer.

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