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‘Is over drinking a part of Irish culture?’, A majority of the adults says ‘YES!”

Dublin: 72% of adults believe that excessive alcohol consumption is part of Irish culture. A recent survey conducted by Drink Awareness Behaviors and Attitudes found that some adults have this distorted perception.

While 45% of people say that drinking more is not a big deal, 31% prefer to drink less. This conclusion is based on a survey of 1000 people over the age of 18.

Nianh Gallaher, CEO of Drink Aware, said HSE’s low-risk guidelines should be followed to encourage people to reduce their alcohol consumption. The HSE has declared two alcohol-free days a week but only 2-3% of the adults are following this strictly.

The survey reveals that more education is needed to convince and make aware of the people about these guidelines. Alcohol consumption is highest during bank holidays. People consume a life time amount of alcohol during these short days.

Gallahar said using a minimum of alcohol can keep health problems at bay.

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