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Leo Varadkar will not give up on those who are suffering…

Dublin: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has stated that the budget will include relief measures to assist people who are suffering as a result of price increases and inflation. Varadkar was speaking to the media after the last cabinet meeting before the summer vacation. The Prime Minister said that the government also wants to provide more help to poor families.

The Prime Minister clarified that the budget will help families and businesses struggling to pay their winter energy bills. The funding will be provided from the income of the energy windfall tax. A decision has been made in this regard, but Varadkar has stated that more clarification is required.

Financial relief will be provided as a separate mechanism outside the budget. The Prime Minister stated that the energy credit would be the simplest mechanism for this. Then they would get direct relief from the bill. The government had hoped that electricity and gas prices would fall. However, it is not expected to happen before the winter. Leo Varadkar said that is why he is taking action to help the people.

Varadkar also stated that additional measures would be taken to promote energy efficiency. Around 40,000 homes have already been renovated this year. Among them, many people are using solar panels. The Prime Minister explained that the aim is to bring all business establishments and homes to solar energy.

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