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Minister Urges Overseas Irish Workers: Return to Ireland, Build Homes, Support Government in Sentimental Plea

Dublin: The government has launched a proactive campaign aimed at enticing Irish workers abroad to return home and contribute to addressing the housing crisis. Spearheaded by Higher Education Minister Simon Harris, the initiative, titled “Come back home… help… to build houses in Ireland,” specifically targets individuals who had previously left due to a dearth of opportunities in the construction sector. Emphasising Ireland’s transformed economic landscape, the campaign highlights a pressing need for an additional 50,000 skilled workers in construction, as revealed by the recent ‘Careers in Construction’ study conducted by the Department of Higher Education.

Minister Harris’s outreach precedes scheduled visits to Washington DC and Boston, where he intends to engage with educational and political stakeholders. His appeal extends to Irish workers employed in construction hubs such as London, New York, and Sydney, highlighting lucrative employment prospects back home. Stressing the availability of well-compensated positions and opportunities for professional development, the minister underscores the urgency of their return to aid the government’s housing construction efforts.

In tandem with the recruitment drive, the government is committed to fostering interest in construction careers within educational institutions, with a particular focus on promoting apprenticeships. While there has been an uptick in apprentice enrollment, concerns persist regarding the insufficient participation in construction-related apprenticeships among secondary school students. Acknowledging parental apprehensions regarding the stability of the construction sector, the government remains steadfast in its resolve to bolster interest and participation in construction trades through comprehensive educational initiatives.

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