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Those who were found dead in Dublin yesterday belongs to an Indian family

DUBLIN: Indications are that the mother and children who were found dead in Dublin yesterday are Indians. The bodies were found in a house at the Llywellen Estate in Ballinteer yesterday morning.

Garda is questioning a man aged in his mid-30’s who is suspected to be the killer, but no arrest has been recorded so far.

Garda arrived at the scene after being informed by neighbours. The bodies of two children, the 11-year-old girl and the six-year – old boy were found in the other bedroom. And the body of the 37-year-old mother was discovered in the bedroom upstairs.

The family recently moved to Dublin from another county. The identities and other information of the deceased have not been released by the officers.

The Garda is carrying out further investigations.

People from Ballinteer came to pay their respects in front of the house where the body was found in South Dublin. A candlelight vigil of about 100 people assembled on the grounds near the Llewellyn Lone estate.

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