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No prosecution for those who violate Covid-19 Midlands rules

The Gardai cannot prosecute those who violate the Midland’s Covid-19 rules and restrictions for enacting laws under temporary legislation.

People living in Kildare, Offaly and Laois were asked to limit their needless journey until August 24 to prevent community transmission of the virus.

These three counties had undergone lockdown earlier this week when there was a spike in cases of virus associated with workers at meat processing plants.

Even though Gardai have been deployed across the three affected counties, they cannot take any actions against those who violate the rules. Garda officials made it clear when presenting the strategy for the operation that there was no ‘enforcement element’ to the legislation.

During the previous national lock down Gardai was allowed to pursue prosecutions in such serious cases where lock down restrictions were neglected. It is known that the decision to lay down the rules was about putting individual responsibility on people to deal with.

It was also announced that prosecution action will be taken against those who breach rules about companies that are not licensed to function and those holding meetings above the recommended amount.

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