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Public Housing; An Area to Think, Work and Execute a Master Plan

Ireland is a place where a lot of people struggles to achieve a good shelter to secure themselves. The development of public housings and rental homes won’t be a herculean task if its done with proper planning.

The idea of cost rental homes will be a key factor of housing activities in Ireland, says John O’Connor, House Agency chief executive.

He said that Cost rental homes, where the cost of the construction and ongoing maintenance will be covered in a rent will be a key part of housing sector activities. In a recent interview published in the Housing magazine O’Connor clearly explains this strategy.

According to him the rental home model can provide a stable rent which is affordable and also a sustainable funding model.

This model could act as a developmental plan through which the government can ensure no one will be struggling to have a safe, secure and stable home.

O’Connor states four key elements for the upcoming housing strategy.

By providing social housing, cost rentals and affordable price, will certainly increases the selling of houses.

Cost rental sector can help to provide rental housings at an affordable rate.

The lands under the custody of the state can also be made into use. Likely it will generate a stable income for the government too.

Delivery of housing by the development sector including rental housing and home ownership.

They are some of the key elements identified by O’Connor.

He says that the public sector should start constructing homes on a large scale with a mixture of social housing and cost rentals.

For achieving such a development proper planning will be needed and that master plan will be crucial too.

The master plan comprises of the developing roads and substructure to allow blocks of land to be released and develop in turn.

“The urgent need for homes remains and Ireland must do all it can to meet this need through the building of public housing on a large scale while supporting broad delivery by the private sector,” O’Connor says.

He also points out that continuing construction creates jobs and the social housing will help the poor and vulnerable who lost everything in the economic crisis.

The wide visionary of O’Connor sees a society with reduced carbon footprint. He says that by building homes where public commutation is favorable will put a brake to the over use of private vehicles.

According to Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, by 2022 and 2025 installation of oil-fired boilers and gas boilers will be banned respectively.

For this around 500,000 will be implemented with new technologies that would improve the performance of housings and thus they will have a building Energy Rating of B2.

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