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Random test for antibodies; 1.7% has antibodies in them

An HSE study has found that 1.7% of the Irish population has covid-19 antibodies. It was the first Covid-19 antibody study in the country.

As per results the Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) estimates that around 59,500 people between the age 12-9 in Ireland had Covid-19 till mid-July, which is three times the number of the detected case.

The study was done through a random testing of 1733 people in Sligo and Dublin. These people were aged 12-69 years.

 During the test, 33 tested positive for the antibodies. Out of the 33, 28 were in Dublin and five in Sligo, which means that 0.6% and 3.1% is the prevalence of infection percentage in Sligo and Dublin respectively.

As a finding from the study, HSE said that there were no statistical difference identifies in the prevalence by age group, or between males and females. Amongst those with the antibodies, 73% were also having certain symptoms of Covid-19.

The HSE says that the national prevalence rate of 1.7% is comparatively low while matching with other European countries. This makes it clear that the country was not having a intense or wide spread of the virus, said the HSE.

Dr Derval Igoe of the HPSC said that the low prevalence rate was expected in Ireland. “This means that the vast majority of people living in Ireland had not been infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus by the time of the study.” He added.

“As a society, we need to continue with our public health measures, including physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene and the use of face coverings, until a vaccine for Covid-19 is available,” Igoe said.

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