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Refugees Relocated from Dublin City Centre, Return to Grim Tent Living

Dublin: Refugees who were temporarily evacuated from Dublin city centre due to heavy snowfall found themselves returning to their old tents after just one night, despite hopes for accommodation elsewhere. Approximately 1,100 refugees, lacking government-provided facilities, reside in tents near the International Protection Office (IPO) on Mount Street in Dublin 2.

Amidst media coverage highlighting their plight, the refugees were moved back to their previous makeshift shelters following public outcry over governmental negligence. Social media and news outlets shed light on the challenges faced by refugees who were left stranded in tents during severe weather conditions.

Responding to the criticism, the Department of Integration initiated efforts to relocate the refugees, albeit temporarily. However, reports emerged of further inadequacies in the alternative accommodations provided by the authorities.

Transported from Mount Street via coaches and taxis, refugees were directed to various temporary housing facilities, including those at Dublin Airport and other locations across Dublin. Yet, complaints surfaced regarding the lack of adequate amenities, with individuals forced to sleep on floors without proper bedding. Additionally, some refugees transported to accommodations in Dundrum by bus reported being excluded due to discrepancies in the registration process, further exacerbating their distress.

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