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Resumption of Suez Canal Traffic: Cargo Ships Navigate Strategic Waterway under US-led Military Protection

Denmark: Cargo ships have recommenced traversing the Suez Canal, following a diversion prompted by terrorist threats. The redirection of shipping routes through the Suez Canal comes after the implementation of military protection led by the United States. Earlier this month, container ships opted for alternative routes along the eastern cape of North America after an attack on a ship by Yemen’s Houthi militants in the Red Sea.

The abandonment of the Suez Canal route had precipitated a global cargo traffic crisis, causing significant delays in the delivery of goods and imposing substantial fees on customers. The repercussions included the anticipation of price hikes for essential goods transported from India to Europe, alongside concerns about potential food shortages.

The Suez Canal, utilized by one-third of the world’s container cargo ships, played a pivotal role in global trade. The rerouting of ships through the southern tip of Africa resulted in considerable fuel losses, with each journey between Asia and Northern Europe incurring an additional million dollars in fuel expenses. The crisis has now been resolved with the support of the US military.

Under military security, major cargo shipping company Maersk has redirected 26 container ships travelling between Asia and Europe through the Suez Canal. Maersk expects that over 50 of its ships will pass through the Suez Canal in the coming weeks.

Simultaneously, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, an alliance of Maersk, continues to opt for the Cape of Good Hope route. The companies assert that the decision to avoid the Suez Canal is based on safety concerns, with a commitment to reevaluate the situation and make further decisions as necessary.

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