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Situation is getting worse: One in twenty nurses in Ireland is on sick leave

Dublin: Ireland’s health-care system is still dealing with an unprecedented crisis caused by both COVID and flu. Hundreds of patients are waiting on trolleys without beds. Those who do not receive adequate care even in the emergency room… health workers who are helpless in front of them but work tirelessly… one in every twenty nurses is on sick leave. This is true not only of one hospital in Ireland but of all hospitals.

The rise in COVID, flu, and respiratory diseases has thrown the entire health-care system into disarray. The situation is worsening as the number of patients grows by the day.

Cases of COVID and influenza are on the rise. RSV, which had been decreasing for several weeks, is now rising. Approximately 1,500 RSV cases are now being treated in hospitals. COVID affects 686 individuals. There is a large crowd in the emergency room. There is also a severe staff shortage.

Meanwhile, the HSE has issued a request to avoid using hospital emergency departments as much as possible. The HSE has asked that people only go to the ED after exhausting all other options. All hospitals in the country are under extreme strain as a result of the unprecedented rise in various winter diseases. The HSE has stated that in this situation, people should only visit the ED as a last resort.

At the same time, INMO stated that there is no reason to advise people to avoid hospitals. Within the next six weeks, the public should be informed about how health services will be delivered. Phil Ni Sheaghdha, general secretary, also requested clarification on the winter treatment plan until the end of February.

INMO also demanded that masks be made mandatory in overcrowded hospitals and other health care facilities. The organisation requested that the government make firm decisions on this matter as soon as possible. According to the INMO, the hospital trolleys have the highest crowd after a decade and a half. As a result, strict measures should be implemented, such as making masks mandatory. Otherwise, the situation will worsen, said the general secretary.

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