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Spike in Covid-19; India could be on Ireland’s red list

Dublin: In view of the increasing global spread of covid, the Department of Health is planning to add more countries to its red list.

The list is compiled of countries outside the UK and EU. Government sources point to the possibility of blocking the entry of people from other high-risk countries.

It is understood that this will include a few countries, including India, where the spread of Covid continues to be rampant, along with the US and Brazil. The government’s move is aimed at restricting travel to countries where virus cases are on the rise.

There are thousands of Indians working in Ireland including nurses. The new policy will disappoint the hundreds of newcomers who are trying to bring their families to Ireland. Covid’s spread across India continues unabated.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said on Twitter that the government was reviewing restrictions on entry into Ireland from countries with high Covid 19 case rates.

The Government has received research and draft recommendations in this regard. But it has not presented to the cabinet yet. The influx of people into Ireland from countries with high covid rates is worrying. This is why travel restrictions are being considered for countries with high covid rates from third countries (outside EU/UK).

A final decision will be taken as soon as possible. Although travel-related cases here are unusual, the rapid rise in some countries poses a danger, the Minister said.

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