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The nation’s respect and gratitude for the Indian youth, Bobbymon and Akhil, who became saviours

Cork: The nation’s respect and gratitude for the Indian youth who rescued an elderly man who was bleeding in the dark and went unnoticed. John Finn, 78, is preparing to meet the “strangers” who cared for him in the middle of a dark road in Ballincollig, a Cork suburb.

John Finn collapsed on his way home from town due to illness. After falling into a semi-conscious state for several minutes, Bobbymon Joy and his friend Akhil Thambi, the Indian youth from Cork, came to his help. We were stunned, and when we got closer to find out what had happened, we found him unconscious in the middle of the road. It was midnight. By that time, the vehicle coming from the opposite direction had flagged and stopped; luckily, the passenger of that vehicle knew John. When the car light turned on, we noticed blood near his head. “We called the emergency services right away.”

When another passenger, a pizza delivery man, arrived, the delivery driver recognised him and went to his daughter’s house to inform her about the situation. In a matter of seconds, the garda and the emergency team arrived at the hospital. Fortunately, hospital sources said that his life was saved.

When a message appeared on social media from John Finn saying that he wanted to meet the invisibles who saved him, the entire community became aware of the incident. When all the well-meaning people in Cork began to investigate who the hands of this goodness belonged to, Bobbymon and Akhil realised they had both done such a great thing. Bobbymon Joy and Akhil, employees of a Cork-based company, were driving home after work when they found John lying on the road.

Kottayam (Kerala, India) Monipilli, Varikassery Bobbymon Joy arrived in Cork in 2021. Akhil Thambi, a member of the Puthankurish (Kerala) Chayapatt family. He arrived in Ireland last November. The community of Cork is now giving these Indian youths the status of a good Samaritan who cared for a stranger!

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