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This day in history: November 9th

Cambodia became independent from France.

The Kingdom of Cambodia was a French protectorate within French Indochina, a collection of Southeast Asian protectorates within the French Colonial Empire. In 1863, Cambodian King Norodom sought the formation of a French protectorate over his nation, while Siam (now Thailand) abandoned suzerainty over Cambodia and officially recognised the French protectorate over Cambodia.

Cambodia, along with the French colonies and protectorates in Vietnam, joined the French Indochina Union in 1887. (Cochinchina, Annam, and Tonkin). Cambodia was given self-government inside the French Union in 1946, and its protectorate status was revoked in 1949. Cambodia eventually obtained independence. On November 9, 1953, the country celebrated its independence day.

Opening of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall, or German Berliner Mauer, was a barrier that ringed West Berlin and barred access to it from East Berlin and other East German territories from 1961 until 1989.
The Berlin Wall came to represent the Cold War’s partition of East and West Germany, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Around 5,000 East Germans were able to successfully cross the Berlin Wall (in various ways), while another 5,000 were apprehended by East German authorities in the attempt, and 191 were killed during the actual crossing.

During the wave of democracy that swept over eastern Europe in October 1989, East Germany’s hardline communist leadership was pushed from power. On November 9, the East German authorities opened the country’s borders with West Germany (including West Berlin), and openings were made in the Berlin Wall allowing East Germans to freely travel to the West. The wall no longer served as a political barrier between East and West Germany.

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