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TickTock Knocks Ireland’s Door with New Job Opportunities

TickTock is about to establish a European data center over the next couple of years. There will be hundreds of new job opportunities in Ireland related to the new establishment.

The company is all set to function by 2022. This becomes the first company in Europe with a 420-billion-euro data center. The chief information security officer, Roland Clouiter says that TickTock will have a long-term commitment to Ireland.

“A core component of this commitment is our approach to data centre locations – and following a process that first began last year, today, we’re announcing our intention to establish a new data centre in Ireland, and our first data centre in Europe.

“This investment in Ireland, to the value of approximately €420million, will create hundreds of new jobs and play a key role in further strengthening the safeguarding and protection of TikTok user data.” He said.

He also said that the country is already playing a major role in widening European operations.

After the ban of TickTock from US and other nations, the social media application was leading the headlines for a few weeks. The US President also said that the Chinese application is a threat to the security.

As per the reports, Microsoft is now planning to buy the app from the Chinese owners.

TickTock is now flourishing in Europe and other parts of the world. People had downloaded the app over 2 billion times till May,2020

IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan welcomes the new establishment. “TikTok’s decision to establish its first European data center in Ireland, representing a substantial investment here by the company, is very welcome,” he said.

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