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US Presidential Election: Allegation between Trump and Biden in the first debate

Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden embroiled in a debate over the US presidential election.

Biden accused Trump of being a liar and a clown. Biden said what Trump is saying is a complete lie and everyone knows it.

From the beginning of the discussion, the discussion was heated as the two tried to interrupt each other.

Just before the debate, Trump has also been accused of tax cuts. The losses were said to have been forged by Trump, a real estate tycoon, to avoid taxes. But Trump said he pays millions of dollars in taxes.

The New York Times reports that Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes the year he won the 2016 election. But Trump said this was fake news.

During the debate, Biden accused Trump of failing to help small businesses that were suffering because of the COVID pandemic.

But Trump came to the scene justifying his election rallies, which were attended by large crowd during the COVID period. Trump also criticised Biden’s rallies, which were attended by only a handful of people, following the COVID protocol. Trump justified the huge rallies by saying that people want to know what he is saying.

Trump did not spare Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. When Biden described Trump as a liar, Trump used the opponent’s son’s drug case as a weapon.

Meanwhile, Biden sought to bring the debate back to the corona virus issue. Biden said it was about the family of every American and not about his own family.

Biden also blamed the Trump-led administration for killing more than two million Americans in COVID. Biden also blamed the debate on white supremacy in the United States.

The debate is being held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The debate, which lasted 90 minutes, was attended by only a handful of people, maintaining social distance.

Today was the first in a series of debates in which the two participated. There are two more presidential debates to take place.

Biden and Trump arrived without wearing masks.

The discussion lasted for 15 minutes on six topics. Candidates’ documents, Supreme Court, COVID-19, Caste, Election Integrity and Economy were discussed.

During the debate, Biden made 77 references and Trump 74 references.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace moderated the discussion.

There are only 35 days left until the presidential election. The election is on November 3.

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