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Vacancies for nurses in Australia; Interviews in Ireland and UK from 10th August

Leading Australian firm YESTE Migration consulting & YESTE Global to organize special recruitment and seminars in Britain and Ireland for nurses interested in working in Australia.

There are thousands of nurse vacancies across Australia after the pandemic. YESTE Migration consulting & YESTE Global helps candidates in services with and without PR.

Since 2015, this agency has helped hundreds of nurses from Europe find employment in Australia. YESTE Global is offering free placement for existing registrations.


Seminars will be held in Ireland on August 11 (Dublin), August 12 (Cork) and August 14 (Belfast).


Recruitment and seminar will be conducted in the UK from 18th August in various cities:


The seminar will be held in Edinburgh on September 1 and Glasgow on September 2.

Those who are interested contact the following WhatsApp numbers or e-mail.

YESTE Migration consulting & YESTE Global



Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.yeste.com.au/

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