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Work permit for home carers in Ireland for two years, salary €11.30 per hour

Dublin: The HSE’s plan to recruit home care “providers” has become more regulated. The first plan prepared by the government to recruit home carers to Ireland received a good response, including from India, but the new changes are envisaged in the context of the recruitment process being delayed due to technical reasons. The plan will be implemented by the government beginning next month.

27000 euros per annum… Leaving Wage and Travel Expenses Guaranteed

The new scheme will provide carers with the National Leaving Wage (currently €11.30 per hour) as well as transportation expenses. A new employment permit system for workers outside the European Economic Area will also be implemented.

The permit will be valid for two years under the new plan. A carer who works 39 hours per week will earn at least €27,000 (Rs 2,376,000) per year. According to a spokesman for Minister of State Mary Butler, the HSE’s home support tender will be finalised by April 30.

Even though waiting lists are overcrowded, there is still a demand for carer jobs. The government had decided to issue 1,000 employment permits to home care workers. However, according to government records, only seven people from outside the EU applied for a work permit in January. At the same time, more than 6,000 people are waiting for someone on the HSE’s home care waiting list. The HSE is coming up with a better package to solve this crisis.

The health care sector has faded.

The Strategic Workforce Advisory Group, including Home and Community Care Ireland, had previously pointed out that the health care sector was extremely unattractive. Poor pay and low value were identified as the main issues by the working group. Following that, the minister accepted the recommendations of the advisory group to make the care sector more appealing.

What care without wages to live?

The care sector faces major recruitment challenges. The main issue is a lack of pay. Carers in the private and voluntary sectors are unable to afford the current cost of living due to soaring energy prices. It is also problematic that recipients of social welfare benefits are hesitant for a variety of reasons to work part-time care. Their fears are that they will lose benefits or that their financial situation will worsen. The Department of Social Protection has stated that an approach will be taken to encourage such part-time work.

Beware of fakers.
Authorised agencies and fake agencies are competing to receive applications for healthcare assistants and home carers from India. Some organisations charge up to Rs 15000 for initial registration. Hundreds of registrations have been accepted in the past, but the applicant has been informed that the application has been rejected for a variety of reasons, with either a partial refund or forfeiture of the entire registration fee.

The only way to avoid falling victim to these scams is to only apply for jobs with companies that have a licence and a track record.

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