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Carlow school made controversial ‘dress code’ orders for female students

A secondary school in Co Carlow has asked female students not to wear tight clothing. This has turned on the heat in the social media.  

The school gave orders to the female students not to wear tight cloths, because it can be a distraction for teachers.

Many parents of the students studying in Presentation College Carlow have raised their objections and anger on social media. About 4,000 people have signed a petition criticizing the controversial statement.  

The parents said that the message was given at a number of school gatherings last Friday.

While addressing the media, one of the parents told that her daughter was forbidden from wearing leggings or tight tracksuit bottoms. She also added that the students were also told not to take their jumpers off while in PE.

The petition on Change.org says female students were told that they “shouldn’t show off their female anatomy as it is distracting to the female and male staff of the school”.

The objections are raised against the statement and students are asked to sign the petition against “sexism against female students”.

On the other hand, the College has said that the rules regarding the correct wearing of school uniforms have not changed since previous years, excluding the introduction of a half-zip top for first year students.

The Presentation College Carlow had released a statement through their website this evening mentioning that the students are regularly reminded of school rules and regulations at assembly.

The statement said that “The school continues to look after the pastoral care needs of all students through its excellent Pastoral Care / Student Support systems in the school.

“Any queries in relation to the above from parents of students will be dealt with in the normal way through the usual school channels.”

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