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Court sentenced two months imprisonment for a man who refused to wear mask properly

A man who refused to wear a face covering on a Bus Éireann coach last July, has been sentenced to two months in prison.

A two month imprisonment was charged as a man refused to wear a mask on a Bus Éireann coach. The incident happened on last July.

It was on July 14 that, Andrew Heasman, from Carrowmore, Knock, Co Mayo, had been asked by a bus driver to wear a mask properly, when travelling from Dublin to Knock. The Castlebar District Court heard this case and sentenced Andrew for two months imprisonment.

The case got serious because he had refused to wear a mask properly even after the driver asking three or four times. Along with this some passengers also left the bus due to this reason. Garda Thomas Bowens said these things before the court.

He said Mr Heasman was not wearing the mask properly, insted he was wearing the mask “like a hat”.

There were debates between Andrew Heasman and the gardaí . In evidence, Mr Heasman said he told the gardaí he was exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons. But when the gardaí  asked him to produce proper documents he refused to do it.

Judge Fiona Lydon pointed out Mr Heasman’s behaviour as an inappropriate one.

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