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Covid talks at G20 summit; Trump leaves the summit to play golf

US President Donald Trump skipped the G20 summit and went to play golf. Trump went on to play golf without attending a special summit that joins online in the Covid context.

This is the last G20 summit that Trump should attend as US president. News NCs have released pictures of Trump immersed in golf.

The White House had earlier said Trump would attend the summit on Saturday and Sunday. The virtual conference will be chaired by King Salman of Saudi Arabia. About two dozen world leaders are attending the conference.

Trump was present for about ten minutes at the start of the summit. He said at the beginning of the conference that he wants to work with all of them again.

Later, tweets about the US presidential election also came from Trump. But at ten o’clock he left the White House and was on his way to a golf club outside Washington, DC.

It was only when Trump was seen at the golf club at the same time as that of the virtual conference, it became clear that he would not be attending the conference.

In the last 24 hours, nearly two million Covid cases have been reported in the United States. More than two and a half lakh deaths so far, that is, the highest Covid death in the world.

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