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Gardai removes checkpoints as part of easing of COVID-19 restrictions

DUBLIN: Checkpoints were removed by Gardai as part of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Garda confirmed in a statement that there will be no permanent checkposts on and dual carriageway routes for the time being.

More than 100 checkpoints opened as part of Operation Fanacht will remain on major routes with the support of mobile checkpoints. These will focus on following the guidelines for inter-county travel. Travel outside the counties before December 18 is not permitted.

There will be patrols in major cities and retail outlets until Christmas. There will be strong patrolling at night as well. As part of the patrols, Garda Síochána will be liaising closely with retail and licensed premises. Checks at licensed locations under Operation Navigation will be backed up. Community engagement activity will also be strengthened during Christmas. Gardai will also pay special attention to helping the vulnerable and lonely.

An active investigation into domestic violence will continue. Commissioner Drew Harris said assistance to victims under Operation Faoiseamh would continue as well. “Throughout the pandemic there has been very good compliance by the public with the health advice and regulations. It is critical that this continues in Level 3,” Commissioner said.

From today, people will be able to do more activities and travel more. The Commissioner also reminded everyone to act with the belief that COVID-19 is still with us.

“We all must continue to play our part by heeding the public health advice. This is the best way of protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours,” Mr. Harris said.

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