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Level 4: Salons planning to function regularly

The Irish Hairdressers Federation is looking forward to have their sector included in the Level 4 of Government’s Plan for Living with Covid-19.

The federation said that the new health and safety guidelines was issued to the members and they are planning to manage a safe environment for them to operate.

“Since we published our first health and safety document six months ago, a lot has changed in our response to the pandemic.” President Danielle Kennedy said.

“We now know a lot more about how to control it and we decided to take a fresh look at our document alongside our health and safety experts.” he added.

As per the latest guidelines, the hairdressers should wear face mask. Employees need to be aware of social distancing. Employees are also recommended to attend the training programs and salons should be well ventilated with fresh air where possible.

“It is important that we constantly try to review and improve how we respond to the pandemic,” Ms Kennedy said.

“We hope the Government will look at this and consider allowing us to remain open in Level 4 of the living with Covid plan.” he added.

There are concerns within the sector that if the virus case in Ireland increases over Christmas, there is high chance that the country will be forced to enter Level 5 restrictions again.

If this happens then the hairdressers along with other non-essential retail outlets may have to shut again.

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