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Study nursing in Ireland and have a guaranteed job. Registration for the courses are open

Limerick: Opportunity to do IELTS, Post BSc Nursing and MSc Nursing courses at prestigious colleges in various universities in Ireland and to secure employment after graduation.

The difference between those who come to study nursing in Ireland and those who go to study in other parts of the world is that it guarantees the money spent on education and further employment. Post-BSc students have one year and MSc students have two years to work in Ireland.

About half a dozen institutions, including university colleges, now offer an English curriculum in addition to the MSc Nursing Postgraduate and BSc (Post BSc) courses.

Some of these colleges are introducing a training program this year to obtain the IELTS score of 7 required for nursing registration in Ireland. The aim of these colleges is to ensure that students in Ireland are registered as nurses once they complete the course.

It is easy to score high marks in IELTS by living in Ireland, both in college and at work, because English is the main language. To this end, special classes on academic reading, writing and digital skills in English are organized every week at the discretion of the respective institutions.

Indian students who come to study MSc Nursing who have completed the course do not have the required IELTS qualifications or are registered with the Irish Board of Nursing, but are likely to be employed as Nursing Assistants (Care). Career divisions in colleges provide the necessary support for such placements.

In short, post-BSc students can work in Ireland for two years, including one-year study period, and MSc students for three years.

Admission to various courses in Ireland is open to BSc graduates in Nursing from India and registered with the Indian Nursing Board. These courses are also an opportunity for those who have BSc Nursing from other countries and who do not have IELTS qualifications to work in Ireland.

The majority of those who have completed their course in Ireland in recent years have already obtained nursing registration and found employment here.

The main reason why Ireland is so popular among Indian nurses is that they can earn a higher education, money and a job without losing their investment.

For information on study facilities in Ireland, fee structure of courses, scholarships, accommodation, cost of living, etc., you can contact directly at the following telephone numbers.


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