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The new Archbishop of Dublin will take charge on February 2

The newly appointed Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Dublin Dermot Dr Dermot Farrell’s will take over the charge on February 2.

The ceremonies will be held after evaluating the Covid restrictions. The announcement was made in a statement from the Vatican on Tuesday morning. He is the successor to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. Farrell, 66, will take charge of the country’s largest diocese. Dermot Farrell is currently the Bishop of the Diocese of Osori (Kilkenny).

Farrell said the new status was announced directly from the Vatican before Christmas. He said it was an unexpected announcement and did not expect such a thing to happen.

He said he was pleased to be elected Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Dublin, which has 197 parishes, and hoped that all parishes, both rural and urban, would have a large faith community.

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