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The number of Indians in Ireland doubled and the number of Keralites decreased

Dublin: Big increase in the number of Indians in Ireland. Statistics show that the number of Indians in Ireland has grown by more than thirty per cent in the last three years.

Up to seventy per cent of the Indians in Ireland until 2012 were Keralites, but now their number has dwindled to about thirty per cent. The community has a significant influence only in the health sector.

There are now twice as many Indians in Ireland as there were in 2012. As of 2018, there are 56,596 Indians in Ireland and if 2019 figures are added, it will be 65,000.

There has been a flow of North Indian people into Ireland and this is reflected in job sectors like IT and in the number of students. This is due to the influence of recruitment agencies operating in the North Indian states and the fact that Keralites pay more attention only to recruitments to the health sector.

Ireland is now becoming the most attractive gateway to the European Union. Ireland will become the only country in the European Union to travel on a free visa to and from the UK after Brexit under the current Common Travel Area Agreement, which is applicable only to the UK and Ireland. Now there is a scope for British citizens to work in Ireland and Irish citizens to work in the UK without a special permit.

With the departure of England, Ireland will be the only English-speaking country in the European Union. Therefore, Ireland will become the main gateway to the European Union for other non – English speaking countries.

If you came to Ireland in search of work and completed five years, then you can apply for citizenship in Ireland. Thousands of Indians are waiting for Irish citizenship.

In addition to the healthcare sector, Ireland also accepts foreign job seekers, mainly in the pharmaceutical, IT, and hospitality sectors. With the relaxation of visas in the engineering and dairy farming sectors last year, many people from India visits Ireland looking for jobs in those sectors.

Other factors that make Ireland attractive to job seekers are the friendliness of the workplace, the improved climate and the beautiful nature.

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