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Facebook HQ in Ireland saved a man’s life in India; 23-year-old promised police that he won’t take any such steps in future

A few days ago we saw news that life of a 23-year-old man from Maharashtra’s Dhule district in India was saved through a timely intervention from an employee of a Facebook office in Ireland. The young man who attempted suicide through Facebook Live was brought back to life through the intervention of Facebook headquarters in Ireland.

An employee from Facebook headquarters in Ireland, who happened to see the live post, immediately informed the Mumbai cyber police. Within 50 minutes of receiving the information, the Dhule police reached his house, opened the door and rushed him to the hospital.

Timeline of events:

8.10 pm Mumbai Police gets a call from Facebook headquarters in Ireland about a man committing suicide and streaming it live.

8.30 pm Mumbai Police gets the exact address of the man and informs Dhule Police.

9 pm Dhule Police reaches the location and takes him to the hospital immediately.

Dhule SP Chinmay Pandit said, “It was a race against time and joint efforts. Our team reached on time and saved him”.

“After he got discharged from the hospital, I called him to my office and counselled him. He broke down in front of me. He was depressed for some reasons,” he said.

“After counselling, he was happy and promised us that in the future he won’t take any such steps. He will live a very happy life and look after his mother. We will also see to it that he gets a good job at someplace. We will keep up with him and look after him,” said SP Pandit.

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