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Vodafone launches Open Radio Access Network; 4G service will be available in 30 villages

Vodafone launches Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) to provide high speed internet services in rural Ireland.

Vodafone has partnered with US network service provider Parallel Wireless to launch low-cost 4G services in 30 rural areas of Ireland.

At the same time, Vodafone is the first mobile operator in Ireland to use the OpenRAN system. Testing of the project is currently underway in North Kildare.

OpenRan works by integrating hardware and software components into a traditional radio access network.

Currently, the Open RAN system is being tested in the north-western part of the country where mobile networks are difficult to access.

Vodafone is partnering with Huawei and Nokia for 4G and 5G mobile services, using technology from Ericsson.

Vodafone’s collaboration with other service providers is expected to lead to low – cost, high – speed Internet access in rural areas where mobile networks are difficult to access.

Vodafone Ireland chief technology officer Didier Clavero said: ‘Delivering Open RAN sites is a pivotal moment in the provision of mobile coverage to rural communities in Ireland, as this pioneering new approach reduces cost, increases flexibility and enables new suppliers to support the expansion of Vodafone’s mobile network in hard to reach areas.’

He said the launch of the Open RAN system in the north-western region marks the development of technology to other parts of the country. Vodafone is set to test new technology in Ireland following its decision to use OpenRAN technology in 2,600 locations across the UK.

At the same time, Vodafone Ireland aims to reduce costs by introducing automation on its websites.

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