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Increasing demand for Asian food in Ireland

Dublin: A survey by Just Eat found that Asian food is popular among Irish people. The survey indicates that Irish people have started to taste food from around the world as part of new experiments and changes in their eating habits. The demand for barbecue food has increased by 400% and Mexican food by 123%.

Last year’s survey found that Malaysian and Korean food was becoming more popular among the Irish people. Last year saw a huge increase of 3,000% in demand for Malaysian food. Demand for Korean food has also increased by 400%. Currently, the demand for Asian food is high, including Japanese and Vietnamese.

Indian food is also in high demand, but the lack of quality restaurants and the lack of publicity make them less popular than in other Asian countries.

The survey found that in January 2017, lunch received 41% more orders. Most food orders are made between 7pm and 9pm. According to the survey, Sunday is the day most people order parcels.

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