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Sapthaswara debut in 2022, “Samskriti,” has been grand

DUBLIN: Moments where seals joined hands in lively dance steps, showed expressions in the depths of Azhagu, expressed profound ideas in simple terms, and moved hearts with newness. The 2022 “Culture” premiere, held on October 31 at the Scientology Community Center, was a celebration of ten children’s dreams coming true.

The Sapthaswara Institute of Performing Arts, who dazzled with their coordinated dance moves from beginning to end, made their debut with the ten gems. Caroline Abraham, Evelyn AB, Gauri Pradeep Namboothiri, Grace Maria Jose, Nidhi Sajesh, Niranjana Jitesh Pillai, Rhea Nair, Sharon Sailo, Swara Raman Namboothiri, and Shyamala Devi Sabhapati are among the first to make their debuts.

Vineeth, a famous actor and dancer, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Children who made their debut received special recognition and certificates of appreciation. The chief guest was Indian Ambassador Akhilesh Mishra.

The debut ceremony was inspired by Indian cultural traditions. Sri Vineeth began the programme with graceful steps to Sri Annamacharya’s meaningful kirtan, Brahmam Okate. The special guests then lit the Bhadradeepam and illuminated the stage. After bowing to his parents and guru Sapta Raman Namboothiri and taking blessings, the ceremony where the guru tied chilanga on the feet of his disciples became a rare moment that evokes the grandeur of gurushishyabandham and Indian culture.

The Bharatanatyam, organised by the Thanjavur brothers, was performed in perfect style by the children. Nine items were presented to the audience, beginning with the Shloka and ending with the Mangalam.

The melodious vocals of Ireland’s well-known singers Mangala Rajesh, Shreya Sudhir, and Soumya Sajesh, music by Rohit Subramaniam on the violin, and a special dance by the Saptaswara sisters all added to the occasion. With Sajesh Sudharshan’s vote of thanks, the curtain fell on the magnificent evening of art.

Mr. Vineeth praised the children in particular for their outstanding performance and the well-organized nature of the event.
Tala held a dance seminar in Scientology the following day, on November 1, to celebrate her debut. The theme of the seminar was Bharatanatrityam, reinterpreted by Padma Bhushan Srimati Padma Subramaniam. About forty children and adults participated in the dance seminar conducted by Shri Vineeth.

The two-and-a-half-hour-long seminar, which featured dancing hands as the main topic in pedagogy, was a short time for the participants.

This seminar was very pleasing to the eyes and the mind to create a deep awareness of Natyasastra in each child and to gain more knowledge about Bharatanatyam. Sanskriti 2022 was Sapthaswara Institute of Performing Arts’ first batch debut in Dublin’s literary city to evoke the excellence of Indian culture. Thanks to each and every person who supported this debut event till the end, especially the main sponsor Waterman Tiles representative Vijith Vijayan, subsponsors Camil Thai Foods, Umami Asian Store, and other sponsors. Aspire Financial Services, Selectatya, Essar Healthcare, Gateway Driving School, DMA Chartered Accountants, Financial Life, Bombay The organisers also expressed gratitude to Bazaar, Kannan Associates, Straight Forward Recruitment, Live Accounting, Kite Hamilton, and Kummon Luken.

Photo : K R Anil Kumar, Geevarghese

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