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220% increase for couriers’ domestic clients- ‘Buy Irish’ campaigns proved to be a success

Fastway Couriers has revealed it has handled seven million parcels already this Christmas season with a 220 per cent increase for Irish businesses amid various ‘Buy Irish’ campaigns.

Fastway’s preparation for this year’s peak season began as early as May this year, to support the expected increase in delivery volumes and it would not have been possible ‘without the dedication and passion of the staff, franchisees, and the additional 874 seasonal support staff, six depots, and hundreds of extra vans and trucks’.

Franchise Network Fastway Couriers chief executive officer Danny Hughes said  Fastway Couriers’s main focus was to build a ‘domestic’ (Irish) client base and support a national agenda to ‘buy-local’ and ‘buy-Irish’.15,000 plus Irish SME customers, attest to this success and there is a parcel volume growth of over 220 percent from this sector which shows its huge success.

Mr Hughes added that their job is not over as they have to navigate the Brexit conundrum soon after Christmas. But he assures that they are committed and prepared and will keep up their promises to the customers.

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