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Indian Passport Ranked Second Cheapest Globally, Surpassed Only by UAE

Recent findings reveal that the Indian passport ranks as the second most affordable globally, following the UAE. While Indian passports are the least expensive in terms of cost per year of validity, providing access to 62 nations visa-free, they still trail behind the UAE in both acquisition cost and visa-free access.

The study conducted by Compare the Market AU analysed passport acquisition costs and their cost-effectiveness, highlighting Mexico as the most expensive passport, at USD 231.05 for 10 years. India emerged as the second-cheapest overall at USD 18.07 for 10 years, with a cost per year of validity of USD 1.81, the lowest among surveyed countries.

Despite their economic advantages, Indian passports offer limited visa-free access compared to countries like Australia, the USA, and Canada, which incur higher fees. Many travellers opt for travel insurance to mitigate risks such as loss or theft of documents, as highlighted by Adrian Taylor, Executive General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, underscored the value of travel insurance in providing peace of mind and financial protection during unforeseen circumstances while raveling. He emphasised that travel insurance can cover the costs associated with replacing lost or stolen documents, thereby alleviating stress for travellers.

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