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Ryanair Allows Passengers to Bring Their Own Food and Soft Drinks Onboard

Dublin: Ryanair has provided new guidelines for passengers wishing to bring their own snacks on flights. Passengers are permitted to pack their own food, subject to certain conditions regarding hand luggage size and weight restrictions.

Food and Soft Drinks: Passengers can bring their preferred food and soft drinks onboard, as long as they comply with hand luggage limitations.
Common Snacks: Items such as crisps and chocolate are permissible in hand luggage.
Special Dietary Needs: Food for children and individuals with specific dietary requirements can also be brought onboard.

Prohibited Items

Hot Drinks: For security reasons, hot beverages are not allowed.
Alcohol: Passengers are not permitted to consume alcohol they have brought with them during the flight.
Large Liquids: Liquids exceeding 100 ml cannot be taken through airport security.
Certain Foods: Items like jam, chutney, and yoghurt must be in containers of 100 ml or less and placed in a sealed plastic bag. Butter and similar products in tubs are not permitted, as they are considered pastes.

Passengers need to pass these items through security screening points. Specific instructions include:
Sealed Bags: Liquids of 100 ml or less must be in sealed plastic bags.
Screening Trays: Red trays should be requested at the security screening points for hand luggage and other liquids, gels, and pastes.

Dublin Airport officials have reiterated these guidelines to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel for all Ryanair passengers.

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