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4 Day Work : First implemented in Ireland by ICE Group

Dublin: The Irish company ICE Group has proved that the system of four working days per week can be implemented in Ireland. This is also the first organisation to implement this innovative working system, which is expected to benefit both employees and employers. The group’s director, Margaret Cox and her team have released a book titled ‘The 3-Day Weekend’ about the implementation of this reform. They reveal that this reform, which has been implemented by borrowing New Zealand’s model, has brought great benefits.

When Cox and colleague Felim McDonnell were developing their company’s four-year plan for 2020–2024, New Zealand had already implemented the system on a large scale. It was then decided to try the idea of a four-day working day here as well. The project was launched on a pilot basis on July 1, 2019. Seeing that it was a huge success, the system was fully implemented.

Mega hit…  100 percent success

100 percent productivity is the success of this reform. Both of them say that four days of work and five days of pay have brought about huge changes in the field of work. However, Cox explained that the system later proved to be a huge success.

Within six months, the company’s productivity increased by 27%, and its wellness scores improved by 33%. It is still going steady. Profit and turnover are huge success.

Employees accepted the new idea.

She said that the employees immediately got on board with the idea. They were able to satisfy the customers 100 percent. Being able to work as a team was also a great advantage. The biggest advantage was being able to focus on office operations with full energy, said Cox.

But Cox revealed that a few employees did not like the new system and quit.
Cox says the system may not be practical for large companies

They openly say that while there is doubt whether large organisations can implement this model, it is their experience that small and medium companies can benefit.

A three-day weekend.

The model was implemented as a three-day weekend. Everyone works four days. Everyone gets a three-day weekend. It can be Monday to Thursday, or Tuesday to Friday. In any case, you will get three days.

Henry Ford was the first to change the six-day week to five working days a century ago. It is expected that other companies and countries will follow this improved model in the next 10 years.

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