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Massive rally of Trump supporters in the US

Washington: Donald Trump, who did not admit defeat in the presidential election, finally took his followers to the streets.

Thousands were arrested, police came to take measures to cope with the violent mob. Trump walked out of the White House to greet supporters who had taken over on both sides of the road to the White House.

Trump did not forget to praise the right wing when he came on the scene claiming that he was the victim of a voting coup.

The supporters came to the scene with slogans such as ‘Stop the theft’ and ‘the best president ever.’ They also raised slogans such as Trump 2020, Keep America Great, Pro Life Pro God Pro Gun, We Want Trump, For the Next Four Years And Forever.

Meanwhile, as the night wore on, clashes erupted between Trump supporters and opponents and about 20 people were arrested by the police.

Police said some were in possession of deadly weapons and reports said that some of the officers were stabbed.

Two officers were injured in the attack. Police seized several weapons from Trump supporters.

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