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‘A mother’s Letter’; Kathleen Chada trying hard to keep her sons killer in jail

Kathleen Chada wrote a letter to the parole board to keep her late sons’ father behind bars without permitting any parole.

Sanjeev Chada, the father of Kathleen’s children, killed both their sons Eoghan (ten) and Ruairi (five). For this heinous crime, Sanjeev received two life sentences in October 2014.

Now Kathleen is writing the letter to keep her sons’ killer in prison till his full sentence. She also shared the letter with the public.

‘I wrote it and rewrote it… wrote it and rewrote it. I’m coming from the angle I shouldn’t have to write it at all, she said it to an Irish daily.

She said that she is particularly angry because he gets to read everything she write. But she doesn’t get to read anything from him. “I don’t get to hear any of the reasons why he feels even justified to apply for parole.”

“My thoughts on putting it into a national newspaper are — if he gets to read it why shouldn’t everybody get to read it?” She said.

Her letter to the parole board mentions the details of the gruesome act.

She deeply expresses her love and affection towards her sons and also expresses the anger to their killer father.

‘They were loving, caring, kind children who loved their lives, their families, and each other unconditionally. That love was betrayed in the most brutal way on the 29 of July 2013, by their own father. Someone they loved and trusted totally.” The letter said.

The letter carries the pain of a loving mother who fights for the complete justice of her kids. She believes that he doesn’t have the right to be in a community.

The letter end like: ‘How does someone like him be rehabilitated into society? You cannot, therefore he will always be a threat to me, to my family and to society in general. Regards, Kathleen Chada’.

Helen McEntee, Minister for Justice is now being called upon by the families of murder victims around Ireland to commence a parole act that was passed into Irish law last July.

The act will require murderers to serve at least 12 years in jail before smearing for early release.

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