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Aer Lingus Pilots’ Strike Ends

Dublin: The two-week-long strike by Aer Lingus pilots has been settled following the intervention of the Labour Court. Aer Lingus has agreed to the court’s recommendation of a 17.75% pay increase, bringing an end to the strike that had significantly disrupted holiday travel for passengers.

Resolution Details

A spokesperson for Aer Lingus confirmed that the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IAPLA), which led the strike, has accepted the Labour Court’s recommendations in principle.

However, IAPLA President Captain Mark Tighe stated that the union would contact the Labour Court to confirm the details of the recommendation. It is anticipated that the strike will officially end following the governing body’s meeting today to approve the recommendations.

Impact of the Strike

The strike, which began on the 26th and also took place on the 29th, forced Aer Lingus to cancel over 500 flights, severely affecting operations both in Ireland and globally. The travel plans of thousands of families were disrupted during the holiday season.

Negotiation Process

Initially, the Labour Court’s intervention did not lead to a compromise between the two parties. The IAPLA had demanded a 24% salary increase, citing no salary increments since 2019 and justifying their demand with rising inflation and the company’s increased profits. On the other hand, Aer Lingus initially offered only a 12.25% increase.

The Labour Court’s final recommendation of a 17.75% salary increase was based on research data from the Central Bank, which evaluated past and future inflation rates. This recommendation ultimately provided a middle ground that both the company and the pilots agreed to accept.

Statements from Stakeholders

An Aer Lingus spokesperson expressed gratitude for the Labour Court’s mediation, which facilitated the resolution of the issue. The successful negotiation reflects a significant step towards stabilising the company’s operations and ensuring smoother travel experiences for passengers in the future.

By adopting the Labour Court’s recommendations, Aer Lingus and the IAPLA have demonstrated a willingness to find a balanced solution, paving the way for improved industrial relations within the airline.

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